Parlano di me

Born in San Gimignano, Italy, in 1955, he studied art and architecture in Florence and began his work in 1980 as a designer, designer and painter.
He has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and around the world, and many works are featured in public and private collections.

Shape, color, and textures are the skeleton on which I construct my images, or perhaps it would be better to talk about visions or dreams because it all starts and develops first in my mind, more or less unconsciously and later, much later, moves on Canvas or paper. Through the study of my subjects, whether they are figures, cities or island landscapes, and elaborate what for me represents the soul of the subject itself, I carpet the primitive shapes, I hold on to their color, lights and shadows, fixed as In a photograph, the magical moment in which objects reveal themselves then translate everything into the universal language of design and painting.

The figure
The human figure is perhaps the first subject represented in the history of world art, it is present in all the historical epochs and is therefore an almost compulsory subject for each artist. My approach to the human figure is strictly personal: abandoning any pretense of faithful or realistic representation, my research focuses on the volumetric and coloristic perception of the subject, emphasizing the relationship between light, color and shape.

The city
The city is the cradle of our lives, the incubator of our thoughts, the wrap that encloses our dreams, successes and defeats. My vision of the city is an idealized view, a distant glimpse that allows me to abstract from the general context what strikes me most of the set of architectures, streets, spaces, windows, roofs, terraces and more. Once again, the shapes and the colors, the lights and the shadows that emerge from this abstraction process and are there to demonstrate my city idea. In fact, I do not paint a city but the idea of ​​a city.

The landscapes
The landscape, in all its perceptions and nuances, represents my “safe harbor”, a corner sheltered in my head where I can retire and reload in peace. When ideas are scarce or tiring to find the way to emerge, all I have to do is open the sketchbook by running hundreds of drawings and notes that speak of my land, the countryside, the trees, the flowers. It’s all in there, available and generous, and I just have to pick the fruits.
Representing life is the main purpose of my painting. The human figure, the city, nature are great subjects to study and transfer to canvas or paper, but what I’m most interested in is discovering and highlighting the relationship between forms and colors of what I have in front of. This relationship is discovered by the careful observation of reality and extrinsic in a strictly personal representation of the object.

Each painting has its own story and its own gesture. Everything can contribute to the initial spark, a picture, a phrase, a music. Before you start a long time thinking of the general design of the new board, the color schemes to use, what to highlight and what to leave behind. Generally I take many notes, sketch, try colors, shadows, I disagree the subject in portions that I then reconnect differently, schematizing various compositive solutions. All this process can take days or weeks, but when it’s time to paint the work it is yarn spun with no reflection.

The materials
Works on paper. Using watercolors on handmade paper with cotton rags is a beautiful, heavyweight, rugged Indian paper with a strong personality that requires a lot of attention and experience to master it.
Works on canvas. Acrylics allow me to work similarly to watercolors on surfaces other than paper and give me great expressive freedom.

Solo and group show

  •  2017
    • Group Show – Paessaggi Italiani III. Galleria Giuliani, Fiano Romano (ala privata del Castello Ducale di Fiano Romano)
    • Group Show – Luigino Ghezzi & Amici – Figure e altro. Scriptorium dell’Abbazia di San Galgano, Chiusdino
    • Group Show – A cavallo dell’anno. Magazzini del sale, Siena
  •  2016
    • Three people show – Arte in toscana con gli artisti Andreuccetti, Manzi, Masini. San Gimignano, Palazzo della Cancelleria.
    • Three people show – Impressioni di Settembre con gli artisti Andreuccetti, Manzi, Masini. Casole d’Elsa
    • Group Show – Donna, la creatura più bella” Opere di tre Maestri Contemporanei: Sergio Manzi, Alain Bonnefoit, Alessandro Andreuccetti.  San Gimignano, Palazzo della Cancelleria
    • Group Show – “Viaggio in Toscana”, cinque artisti tra Pienza e San Gimignano: Giuditta Scorcelletti, Alessandro Andreuccetti, Tiziano Guerrini, Sergio Manzi, Enrico Paolucci. San Gimignano, Palazzo della Cancelleria
    • Solo Show – “Pitture”. San Gimignano, ART STUDIO – Compagnia degli Artisti
  • 2015
    • Group Show – San Gimignano, Palazzo della Cancelleria
    • Solo Show –  San Gimignano, Caffè Torre Guelfa
    • Group Show – Roma, Galleria Giuliani, Paesaggi italiani 2
    • Group Show – Roma, Arteperoggi
  • 2014
    • Solo Show –  San Gimignano, Caffè Torre Guelfa
  • 2013
    • Solo Show – Firenze, Galleria del Gruppo Donatello
    • Group Show – Bari, “Il Grido Taciuto: dal dolore alla solidarietà” , Galleria Vernissage
  • 2012
    • Invitational – Padova,  “XII Biennale dell’Acquarello di Albignasego”
    • Solo Show – Montelupo F.no, Colline toscane, Sala espositiva Banca di Cambiano
    • Solo Show – Gaiole in Chianti, Oltre la collina, Sala espositiva Società Filarmonica
  • 2011
    • Solo Show – Firenze, Villa Vogel, “3 Artisti  a Villa Vogel”
    • Group Show – Cremona,  “Liriche essenzialità” – Galleria d’arte Immagini Spazio Arte
  • 2010
    • Group Show – Taormina, “100 Pittori a Taormina”, Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano
    • Group Show – Incheon, Korea Global Network of Watercolors Painter
    • Invitational – Shanghai, International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition, Shanghai Quanhua Gallery
  • 2009
    • Solo Show – San Gimignano, Caffè Torre Guelfa
  • 2008
    • Group Show – San Gimignano, “Dal XX al XXI secolo Artisti a San Gimignano”, Galleria d’Arte Manzi
    • Group Show – Cuneo, “Acquarello che passione”
    • Group show – Saint-Laurent-sur-Gorre, 13e SALON de l’AQUARELLE en LIMOUSIN (Fr)
    • Group show – Firenze,  “Arte Contemporanea Italiana”, Galleria La Pergola Arte
  • 2007
    • Group Show – Porto Sant’Elpidio, “Arte sacra, Ieri e oggi”, Galleria La Tavolozza
    • Group Show – Firenze, “Paesaggi metropolitani”, Galleria La Pergola Arte
  • 2006
    • Solo Show – Firenze, “Tuscany Hills” –Palazzo Panciatichi, Consiglio Regione Toscana
    • Solo Show – San Gimignano,  Galleria d’Arte Manzi
  • 2004
    • Group Show – Certaldo,  “Certaldo in cornice” –Palazzo pretorio
  • 2003
    • Solo Show – San Gimignano,  Galleria d’Arte Palazzo Pratellesi
  • …..
  • 1979
    • Solo Show – Roma, Galleria “Ieri e Oggi”
  • 1978
    • Solo Show – Volterra, Galleria “Daniele da Volterra”,