Bushes in the blue


Acrylics on “gallery” canvas , 30x40x4 cm


The bushes fascinate me. I would remain motionless for a long time observing the labyrinths created by the thorny branches that wind like coils of snakes on them; the alternation of dangerous spines and bright colors creates beautiful contrasts as if they are only found in nature.
I recreated in the studio that fantastic atmosphere I had seen and pinned on my sketch pad during a walk. I used a beautiful cotton canvas stretched on wooden planks, then I passed three layers of white acrylic plaster to prepare the bottom finally, with a large carpenter’s spatula I spread the ultramarine blue diluted with water, as if it were watercolor. Then, in subsequent steps I added the brightest colors, in an impressionist manner, trying to make the light vibrate between the leaves. In the central part, to give body and thickness to the bushes I mixed the color with cooking flour, the result I hope you like it.


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