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Starting a new painting is like embarking on a journey without a precise destination, you don’t know the destination or which path to follow, you let yourself be guided by your instinct, by your hands, by the colors that slowly invade the canvas.

The idea is to spread colors on the canvas, without any pre-established pattern. Just to appease the inexhaustible hunger for color. Then come out, as out of nowhere, ghosts of dead leaves, flowers cooked by the summer sun and now withered but which still retain all their primordial beauty, their ephemeral lightness, their illusory and frivolous desire to live even just for a few moments still. Ideas intertwine with images, contents are deposited on the canvas like slices of salami and their aroma spreads around, capturing our insatiable appetites for messages

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 8 cm