Hedge knight

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Acrylics and collage on wood board
Size 24×24 in.

The essence of an emotion comes alive that vibrates in the symbology of the work.

Starting from the technical studio, the artist Andreuccetti shapes a multi-material processing by combining different techniques in order to give three-dimensionality and dynamism to the composition, which vibrates through the fusion of gold and silver.

The work comes alive with intense symbologies, starting from the archetypal meaning of the knight linked to a spiritual value of human interiority, connected to the observance of values ​​and aimed at the defense of one’s ideals.

Thus Alessandro Andreuccetti shapes a composition capable of combining figurative and chromatic symbolism, in fact the balance of the colors and the contrast between the lower and upper portion embodying the inner essence in which the observer is invited to immerse himself is intense. / p>

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 8 cm