Standing with the Greats: Interview with Painter Alessandro Andreuccetti

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Alessandro Andreuccetti – Being an Artist

Please Give Us A Few Words Of Introduction About Yourself

I am from a land of ancient artistic traditions – Tuscany – where every city, every street, every corner of the landscape is reminiscent of the great artists of old. It makes me dizzy to think that I was born just a few kilometers away from where they themselves were born and had lived – Michelangelo, Masaccio, Giotto, Donatello and all the other great artists that put Tuscany on the map.

When Did You Decide To Pursue Art As A Career?

At a very early age I started drawing anything that would come to mind, particularly fantasy drawings, but the decision to pursue art as a career came much later. After my schooling, I started working as an architectural designer, while at the same time continuing to paint and draw.

What Training Did You Have?

I studied art and architecture in Florence. During that time I learned to assess my strengths and master my passion – to draw and paint with my mind, then with my hands. I studied the various theories of colours, the infinite possibilities of hues, composition, rules, design…then I put all that aside and started to paint in own my way.

What Has Been The High Point Of Your Career So Far?.

I think I have just now reached the high point of my career – I’ve gained recognition at both the national and international level and have a significant client-base who follow my work. There’s also the opening of ART STUDIO – a gallery collaboration with other local artists that’s been extremely rewarding for me.

General Questions

What’s Your Favourite Quote?

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” (E. Degas)

Who Is Your Favourite Artist?

Michelangelo Buonarroti

What Are Your Artistic Goals?

Be myself, have fun and communicate my thoughts to others.

How Will You Get There?

Every day is a new day of work, discoveries, disappointments, failures, successes. Every day that passes is small step on the path of knowledge. You never get to the finish line. But making art is a profession and a passion at the same time – so with that passion, commitment and talent you can achieve unexpected goals.

Is Anything Holding You Back?

My laziness sometimes makes me lose valuable time. Hours, days, weeks pass where nothing happens and I let myself delve into this stupor – until something clicks inside me that makes me ‘wake up’ and resume my work. It may seem like a negative attitude, but it has its benefits. Occasionally a complete break from your work helps rid the mind of all the toxins accumulated in the past days.


You and Art

What Feelings Or Reactions Do You Hope To Arouse In People Who View Your Work? Are You Ever Surprised By Reactions That You Get?

I am constantly surprised by the reactions that people have seeing my work. My painting style has a rather traditional, figurative feel, but the people who see my paintings always manage to find a meaning that I had never imagined, and every time I am pleasantly surprised. Often the paintings I end up selling first are those that leave me less than satisfied – simply meaning that everyone has a different connection with a work of art.

From Start To Finish, How Long Does It Take For You To Create Your Work?

My creative process varies. First of all there is the birth of the idea, a phase that may last a few minutes to several weeks; often a thought circles in my mind for months, unable to find a way out, then suddenly it takes shape and appears in front of me ready to be developed. Then comes the development stage of the idea that involves a variety of sketches, trials and drafts. From there, I move to the final layout of the painting with the choice of color scheme, composition, format. Lastly comes the final version on canvas or paper.

What Music Do You Like To Listen To When You Work?

I like to listen to jazz music and some of my favourite artists are John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, among others.

What Are You Working On Next? Any Future Plans Or Projects In The Pipeline That We Should Look Out For?

I am currently working on several series of paintings. The first is a recurring theme in my paintings – that of the city and the people who live there. Then I plan to explore the human body inspired by the sculptures of the masters of the past, a kind of journey through the history of art. Finally, I will continue to paint the landscapes, forests and trees of my homeland.


Being Inspired By Art

What Feelings, Subjects Or Concepts Inspire You As An Artist?

I do not know exactly, but I tend to be more productive during times of sadness – as if to protect myself from the outside world, I had to take refuge in my paintings.

What Is Your Favourite Work That You’ve Produced So Far And Why?

I do not have a favorite painting, I must say that I love everything I’ve produced over the years, even the worst. Obviously there are many things I would do differently, but they remain things to which I’m connected.

An Artist’s Advice

For Those Thinking About Turning A Passion For Art Into A Career, Could You Give Any Advice?

For all those who have a passion for art and are attracted by the possibility of turning into a profession, I can only say that I understand that mindset and I would encourage them not to be afraid. At the same time, however, I must warn them that it is a hard road that makes it difficult to live comfortably. My advice is to combine the passion of art with a career that could guarantee a salary for a living.

Any Tips On How To Get Your Work Seen And Get The Commissions Coming In?

A piece of art, from a marketing standpoint, is a product like any other, and as such must be seen and advertised as much as possible. In the age of the internet it is quite easy to reach an audience that will appreciate your work. And with such a world-wide audience, often a well-executed and well-advertised website is more valuable than an art gallery.

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